Stimulant Sound is a gallery of music from Mike Degen. On display are a few of the works that have appeared on television, in TV commercials, video games and film.


Haunting music rises to the occasion. This appeared in season 3, ep. 2 - "Boy Parts".

Shimmery piano + textures build into an uplifting conclusion.

Jamaican dancehall influenced electronic mayhem.

A driving beat + soundscape made only with souvenirs from trip to Japan.

Four on the floor energy.

Modern string music for small ensemble. It becomes inspiring halfway in.

It's just angry.

Beautiful operatic vocals float over a wicked D n B beat. Textural intro.

This piece is haunting as it transforms from uneasy to hopeful.

Uplifting funky rock with a splash of disco and live drums.

Inventive Music and Sound Design.

Mike Degen's compositions have been featured in many national TV spots including Dodge, Neutrogena, and Lipton. Original music for ESPN and a multimedia promotion for Victoria's Secret in Vegas have also been popular projects. A recent collaboration had him scoring for this season's American Horror Story. He has also contributed remix production and engineering work for a wide range of artists - from Public Enemy to RuPaul. This fall he will release his own collection of songs entitled: Mad Sonicist.

Mike provides a wide range of audio post services. For the film "Color Thief", he made the sound design and the final sound mix. This year it won Best Short Film at the Madrid Film Festival.

Creators receive unique music and sound that makes their message jump out from the din of the competition. For music, Mike starts with the basics: inspired composition, traditional orchestration, banging beats and swirling soundscapes. With the unique software tools that he creates, Mike adds one of a kind elements to the sound. Though distinctive, the music and sound design remain accessible because the client's desired emotional impact is captured. It is with these elements that Mike creates Stimulant Sound.